Your Senior Portraits

I'm aiming to capture and showcase your awesome and unique personality, and provide you with photos that pop - no 90’s look, no soft focus, no shenanigans!  And when your portrait shoot is finished, you’ll have received a no compromise experience and photos that will impress you and your admirers!  After the shoot, your photos will receive the star treatment:  a dash of color correction, a smidgen of retouching, and a pinch of awesomeness.  

I am a photographer, not a salesperson.  That being said, I am here to give you the best senior portraits this side of the globe, at a great price while having a radical time! 

Senior Portrait Info

How do our senior portrait sessions work?

First, get in touch with me so we can discuss the details, then once we determine the ‘when’ and the ‘where’, we will wait patiently for that special day!  Mom and dad, feel free to join in on the shoot! You guys can help your gorgeous son or daughter feel a bit more comfortable with their photos being taken.  

Once the shoot is finished, we will discuss payment options, and then I will notify you when the finished product will be up on the website (typically 2-3 weeks) and then ready for ordering.  And don’t worry, if your son or daughter's requests a senior portrait be put in the yearbook,  that comes with the package.  Just let me know what photo to give to the yearbook and the rest is up to us.

That’s it! Now click that “Schedule a Shoot Today”!

Session Pricing

• 60 Minute -$70

• 90 Minutes -$90

• 120 Minutes - $110

• Yearbook Session (30 minutes) - $50

Print and Merchandise Pricing

We offer over a hundred different print and merchandise choices! Here are some of the most popular.

• 4”x6” print: $4.99

• 5”x7” print: $7.49

• 8”x10” print: $14.99

• 11”x14” print: $24.99

•16 ”x20” print: $59.99

• 24”x30” print: $99.99

• Mouse Pad: $29.99

Two or more digital photo downloads: $59.99   

FULL Gallery Download: $399.99

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